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RED Weapon Pro Kit

The RED Weapon is the latest in in 6K/8K DSMC camera from RED and we are offering a top of the line accessory package to fully kit out your Weapon.  Our kit includes:

  1. Wooden Camera Professional Cage
    1. A great foundation for building accessories onto your Weapon
    2. 15mm or 19mm support (we are including the 19mm version in this kit)

  2. Cable-Less Power Plate Blueshape
    1. 3 D-Tap outs
    2. 1 5V USB out
    3. Necessary to power Weapon with V-Mount batteries

  3. 4x Switronix Hypercore 98s
    1. Can communicate directly with RED cameras
    2. TSA-Friendly under 100mAh Li-on carryon limit
    3. LCD display screen

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