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Cube 155 HDSDI Encoder 10100 USB 2458GHz

by Teradek
SKU 10-0155

The Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI Encoder with WiFi is a wireless camera-top video and embedded audio encoder. It connects to a camera by SDI and streams proxy files/dailies in H.264 to a decoder or website. You can stream by dual-band WiFi wherever a network is available, by Ethernet via an optional router, or by an optional 3G/4G modem connection. You can also store the files to a MicroSD card as the Cube features a MicroSD slot with support for up to 32GB cards. For mounting, the Cube attaches either onto a camera's hot-shoe or onto a cage/rig by an included 1/4Inch-20 mounting screw. Aside from the SDI input, connections consist of an Ethernet port, a 1/8Inch line/mic input, and a headphone jack. A micro USB slot is available for charging and configuring. The Teradek Cube has a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery that lasts up to two hours. It can also be powered with the included AC power adapter or by an external battery via a 2-pin Lemo input. An OLED screen indicates what the remaining battery life is and also displays online status and the URL being streamed to. Optionally, Teradek offers camera batteries with 2-pin Lemo output so you can easily power both the camera and Teradek with the same battery. The following three 2-pin Lemo batteries can be used for power: the Teradek Canon BP-945, Teradek Panasonic D54, and the Teradek Panasonic VW-VGB6. SDI Connection to a Camera
Streams proxy files in H.264 to a decoder or website
Streams by WiFi, by Ethernet, or by optional 3G/4G modem
Stores files to an optional MicroSD card of up to 32GB in capacity
Attaches to a camera's hot-shoe or onto a cage/rig by a 1/4Inch-20 screw
Powered by a two hour internal battery or by an included AC power adapter
An OLED screen indicates battery life, online status, and the URL being streamed to