Glyph Technologies Triplicator Backup Device with FireWire 800, USB 2.0, and eSATA Ports

sku: TRIP-02
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by Glyph Technologies
If you have limited time and need multiple copies of your data, the Triplicator Backup Device with FireWire 800, USB 2.0, and eSATA Ports from Glyph Technologies is an extremely simple go-between for backing up data from your computer to multiple external hard drives all at once. No need to worry about copying data from your computer one hard drive at a time. The Triplicator features three eSATA ports for connecting up to three external hard disk or solid state drives of any capacity.* These drives will need to have an eSATA port. Once your drives are connected to the Triplicator, you can use the Triplicator's USB 2.0, FireWire 800, or eSATA host ports for connecting it to your computer. Thereafter, you can transfer data from your computer to up to three drives in one go. Plus, after data transfers, you can turn off your drives and the Triplicator and turn them all on again without data loss. The data that you saved on the drives will be mountable on your computer in case you want to access and explore it. With a hassle-free user-interface, an included carrying case, and a generous warranty, the Triplicator is an exceptional buy. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Note: Connecting drives of the same capacity is recommended if you want to maximize storage space. Instead, if you connect drives of mixed capacities, the Glyph will only transfer data up to the size of the smallest drive Easy to Use To get started with the Triplicator, follow four simple steps: 1. Connect two or three drives to Triplicator's eSATA device ports 2. Connect the Triplicator to your computer via FireWire 800, USB or eSATA 3. Power on drives and Triplicator. LED tells you number of drives attached 4. Copy data - the destination is seen as one drive through the Triplicator Connections Connect to your computer via eSATA, FireWire or USB, using any of the Triplicator's ports marked "computer connections." The target drives are connected to the Triplicator via eSATA cables only, using the ports marked "eSATA drive 1", "eSATA drive 2", or "eSATA drive 3." The Triplicator supports any eSATA connected drives, such as hard disk drives and solid state drives User Interface Triplicator's user interface also provides important information during the copy process. The front panel includes a button designed to guard against unintended drive initialization. The first time you power on the Triplicator, the blue LED blinks to indicate that button press is required. On button press, the drives initialize and the blue LED goes to solid. After a few seconds a volume will be visible on your computer screen. Format this volume using your operating system utility, and you're ready to go. After the Triplicator has initialized the drives, the red LED pattern blinks to show the number of attached drives. If no drives are attached, the LED goes solid red. If a discovered drive disappears in the course of operation, it goes solid red In Use You can use the Triplicator volume as you would use the volume on any drive. However, when you copy data to the Triplicator volume, the data will be copied to all target drives at the same time. Once you are done working with the drives, you can unmount the volume just like any external drive, and connect the target drives individually to a computer. You will see that the same data is on each drive Remountable! Once you've copied data to your drives, using the Triplicator, the remount function allows you to turn off those drives and the Triplicator without losing all your data. Once you turn on the drives and the Triplicator, you will still be able to access and inspect the data on these drives via your computer* 1 Drive Capacities Glyph recommends that all the drive capacities should be the same to maximize your storage space, but you can mix drives of different capacities. Here's the difference between using drives of the same capacity and drives of different capacities: If you connect three 500GB drives, the volume will be 500GB, because the same data is copied to all drives. If you connect two 500GB drives and one 250GB drive, the capacity will be equal to the smallest drive, so total capacity will be 250GB A Cool Drive is a Healthy Drive The Triplicator uses a quiet internal fan for maximum airflow and proper cooling. The case is designed with front-panel ventilation holes to draw cool air in, while exhausting warm air out the back - critical to the performance and reliability of the components Professional Carrying Case Included is an impact-resistant hard-molded plastic carrying case to protect your valuable work and your Triplicator. The case is foam-lined and has room for your accessory cables Nobody Likes Wall-Warts Wall-warts are easily misplaced, or accidentally unplugged from the enclosure, and take up valuable outlet space. The Triplicator uses an industry-standard power cord and pro-quality internal power supply for the most efficient and reliable power source possible Comes with a 3-year limited warranty and also a 1-year advance replacement warranty (the latter is only for the 48 states in the continental U.S.) Fits into a Rack Mount If you purchase a single-rack kit from Glyph, you can fit the Triplicator into a 1U rack mount

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