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Core SWX

** Please note, Core SWX is the new name for Switronix.  All of the products are exactly the same, they are just operating under a new name.  Feel free to visit the manufacture's site located here:
In this technology-driven industry, where cameras come and go; acquisition, content, and delivery give way to the next growth segment, and we strive to be at the forefront. This passion has made Hypercore the top battery packs in the industry.
Used by companies from Arri to RED Digital. The top wildlife documentarians capturing awe-inspiring footage of nature’s most beautiful imagery rely on Hypercore. And used by our very important passionate client base, capturing their life’s work, from extreme sports to indies. Hypercore powers the industry. 
We wanted a brand which speaks to our mission; what we are about, what’s in our core.
We have the passion to power the industry and a mission to allow filmmakers to focus on production to inspire.
At Core SWX we are Providing the power to create.