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Teradek Live Streaming

Teradek Live Streaming

Live streaming has never been easier with Teradek’s range of different streaming solutions.

Customize your streaming needs - whether you would like to stream directly to the web, or stream from point-to-point - Teradek has provided products and software to make this process as easy as possible.



Web Streaming


Stream HD video directly to the web over WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G/LTE.


Point to Point


Teradek H.264 codecs offer broadcasters several powerful options for video transmission and distribution over local IP networks and the Internet. Cost-effective and incredibly capable, Teradek codecs are known for their versatility, low latency, and pristine image quality.


Live:Air Action


Live:Air Action is an iOS video switcher application that turns your live stream into a complete multi-camera production with custom graphics, transitions, animations, and more.

From Facebook Live and YouTube to Twitch and Periscope, Live:Air Action can stream on every major video platform in 1080p HD. Even if you have your own streaming server or prefer boutique platforms, the app’s ‘Custom RTMP’ option allows you to go live wherever you like.





Stream to Multiple Online Video Platforms - Stream to Facebook, Youtube, and any other video platform. Core allows you to publish a single video feed to multiple destinations all at the same time.



Perfect for Any Event or Activity


Live:Air Action is an ideal solution for schools to achieve a multi-camera setup to broadcast major school events, such as graduations, assemblies, or sports games. For schools with smaller budgets, Live:Air Action allows you to stream without the need for expensive, professional video cameras and instead lets you use the tools already available at your school. Since Live:Air Action mimics many of the functions of an expensive hardware switcher, teachers can use the app as a tool to introduce students to basic workflow of professional broadcasters.



For houses of worship looking to start or enhance their live production, Live:Air Action is an excellent and cost-effective way to begin streaming with just an iPad to produce a polished multi-camera broadcast without expensive equipment. Capture your services from every angle and improve engagement for both your in-house parishioners and online viewers. Having a professional live stream is a great tool for attracting new followers and spreading your message to the world.



Looking to offer clients a cost-effective alternative to traditional multi-cam setups? Ditch the expensive hardware switcher equipment and stream with Live:Air Action. Utilize up to 6 wireless video feeds from iOS devices or connect Teradek encoders to your video cameras for super high quality live video ingest. Combined with custom transitions, animated graphics, and lower thirds, Live:Air Action gives you the portability and flexibility of a software solution with the polish and capability of a hardware based workflow.





With Live:Air Action, every exciting play of a sports game can be captured to give your audience more to cheer at. Built-in scoreboards let you update scores in real-time, Instant Replay allows you to replay the last 30 seconds of the stream, and multiple angles ensure that you’ve got all your bases covered.



Live:Air Action is the perfect app for IRL beginners and pros alike, offering a simple interface for adding graphics, URL overlays, and more to your Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube stream. Interact with you audience in real time by using the optional chat features or increase your donation visibility with StreamLabs integration.



Live:Air Action helps you turn your video news coverage into compelling, professional quality broadcasts. Add titles, lower thirds, roll pre-recorded footage and much more to give your news stories a more authentic touch while making sure your content is delivered to online audiences around the world.




Live:Air Action makes it easy to capture every important aspect of any event. Concerts, speeches, weddings, and other events can be enhanced for you audience by offering alternative angles, unique graphics, and a more compelling overall presentation. Live:Air Action gives you the tools to do this all from your iPad.




Stream your workshop, conference, or seminar live online without the hassle of heavy equipment and cabling. Live:Air Action simplifies the streaming experience, while giving you the power to expand your production quality with graphics, pre-recorded material, live remote video, and more.



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