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RED has stock of KOMODO and V-RAPTOR, ready to ship!
RED has stock of KOMODO and V-RAPTOR, ready to ship!
Sigma Cine Prime Lens Review - Brendan "Bugsy" Barnes

Sigma Cine Prime Lens Review - Brendan "Bugsy" Barnes

Sigma Lenses are known around the world for their innovative design and quality. We asked Johannesburg based director of photography, Brendan Barnes, known as Bugsy, to review his experience with the Sigma Cinema Prime Lenses he recently purchased.  



"When Sigma announced their Cinema Primes I was immediately excited. The Art series stills lenses were a hit amongst my photographer friends so I knew the cinema glass would be worth investigating. I rented a set for a commercial and my excitement peaked. The director was loving images. The focus puller was loving working with them. Was this too good to be true? 

I am a massive skeptic. I arranged a side by side lens test and went about pixel peeping and comparing the Sigma Cinema Primes to lenses many, many times more expensive. The result? The Sigma Cinema Primes were batting way out of their league. 

I was blown away. The charts don’t lie but we all know charts aren’t everything. So I booked them for another commercial. New director, new focus puller and huge happy smiles all round!

I ordered the full set. 

The Sigma Cinema Primes are fast… T1.5 is no joke. 

They are well designed and wonderful to work with… Ask your focus puller; he probably already loves them. 

They are light.… Ever tried to put a Master Prime on a gimbal? You’ll be wishing you had a set of Sigmas. 

They cover full frame… There is a whole new world of camera sensors rushing towards us. Don’t get left looking through the dark barrel of a vignette! "

- Brendan “Bugsy” Barnes

In the interim, Sigma has released the Sigma 28mm T1.5, 40mm T1.5 and 105mm T1.5 FF High-Speed Prime lenses now available from the CINE range. We are anticipating pricing information which will be released at the same time as availability.

Check out the Sigma Cinema Prime Lenses we have available now here

Who is Brendan Barnes? - See our Industry spotlight on the man behind the lens here


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