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Pan smoothly with SmallHD Focus monitors

Pan smoothly with SmallHD Focus monitors

Camera operators can now get a smooth pan with their SmallHD Focus monitors

There is now a new accessory for the SmallHD Focus monitor family.  The SmallHD Pan Module allows operators to obtain that ever important smooth pan with their monitors.

The module is made by Small HD, who also make the focus monitors.   It is compatible with the SmallHD Focus, the Focus OLED, the original 5-inch model along with the FOCUS Bolt.

Due to the Focus Monitors having a not so bright output and due to their size the SmallHD Pan Module is ideal for avoiding glare or just to show your director or client your shots.

Installation of the Pan Module

This has been made very easy and simple.  To install remove the 1/4 20” screen, using an Allen key, from the bottom of the SmallHD Tilt Arm.  Then connect the Pan Module at the bottom of the Tilt Arm. You will still get the benefit of a cold shoe interface, which is at the bottom of the Pan Module.


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