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Caging the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera? Who does it best?

Caging the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera? Who does it best?

Wooden Camera, Shape and SmallRig announce cage options for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Black Magic’s Pocket Cinema Camera 4K has been extremely well received within the industry and reviews are being posted all over the web! 

An absolute “must have” purchase for most people would be a cage system to prevent rigging issues that similar smaller cameras usually incur. But with so many options out there - who give you the best option? Let's investigate!

Shape Cage

Shape’s cage is constructed from CNC machined aluminum and weighs in at an extremely light 0.3kgs.  The reason for its lightness is that the cage is open on the right-hand side making it technically not a full cage.  It features a padded leash on the side to secure your grip on the camera and the top and side have various 1/4” mounting points with anti-rotation pinholes.  The left-hand side hosts an integrated clamp to secure the HDMI cable in place. The bottom of the cage gives access to the battery and has 1/4” and 3/8” mounting points for tripod plates etc.

The cage comes in kits offering various ranges of accessories.  These range from simple top handle all the way to fully built shoulder mount solutions along with a matte box and follow focus.  Two different top handles are available and a side handle for the left-hand side of the cage. Shape’s products are very high quality.

The cost for this cage is R7,019.00.  Click here to order.

Wooden Camera Cage

This cage is extremely different.   It is also not a full cage and consists of a top and bottom connected with a rod on the left-hand side.  The rod has 1/4” mounting points holding the HDMI angle connector in place and this comes with the kit. The bottom of the cage is a quick release system for the integrated baseplate and a pin to secure speed boosters or lenses.  The top houses 1/4" and 3/8” mounting points and features holes for anti-rotation pins. There are two cage versions to choose from – a rubber or wooden grip.

The cage is priced at R2,029.00.  Click here to order.


SmallRig cages

SmallRig offer two versions, one half cage and one full cage.   The difference is the full-case possesses 5 additional 1/4” and 1 additional 3/8” mounting point.  Both cages have easy access to the battery compartment and host two integrated NATO rails, one on the top and the second on the left-hand side with a cold shoe mount on the top.

The full cage possesses attachments for a camera strap on both sides whilst the half cage has only one attachment point on the one side.  The half cage weighs 228g and the full cage 300g so a minimal difference in weight.

Accessories range from a Metabones adapter support which attaches to the bottom front of both cages, an SSD mount and a combined HDMI/USB-C clamp.  SmallRig’s own side grips may be used along with any manufacturers NATO handles. Cages are compatible with SmallRig’s various other accessories from offset shoulder mounts to EVF and monitor mounts to magic arms.

The cage is priced at R2,214.00.  Click here to order.



Who did it best? Well it depends on what you are looking for - a low-cost solution? Then Wooden Camera has the cage for you. But we have to admit that the SHAPE Cage looks mighty fine and sturdy.


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