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Booming Film Industry Returns to Cape Town

Booming Film Industry Returns to Cape Town

It’s a wrap!  The Cape Town film industry has returned with a vengeance in 2018 after the water crisis.

Cape Town’s water crisis was fully underway during the previous two years and this has had a huge impact on the film industry in South Africa.  International filmmakers were discouraged from investing in Cape Town and thankfully due to the water crisis improving the industry is once again booming here in the Mother City.

Statistics show that the film industry contributes around six billion Rand to the Western Cape’s economy.  Once the drought hit the industry suffered a huge downturn and international filming took a nosedive here in Cape Town. However, 2018 brought incredibly exciting changes!  

Several major international productions have made their way to our shores and some very acclaimed actors and actresses have been sighted here in the Western Cape,  such as Miley Cyrus, spotted at the V&A. Cyrus is in Cape Town filming the anthology series, Black Mirror.

A sci-fi series names Raised by Wolves is being filmed directed by the world-renowned Ridley Scott.  The second season of The Crown is also being filmed, as well as Bloodshot, a Vin Diesel film, which has just wrapped.

The production company Cinemax will be filming the first season of a 10-part series called Warrior in the next few months.

The series is inspired by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee and is set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the aftermath of the Civil War.  It tells the story of a martial arts prodigy who finds himself caught up in the Tong Wars.

The series will be filmed at the excellent location of the Cape Town Film Studios showing a vote of confidence in the city and the film studios themselves.  Another plus will be the huge job creation the series will provide.

Wesgro’s Head of Film and Media Promotion, Monica Rorvik, has announced that the industry has shown a speedy recovery from the downturn.  She quoted “Cape Town is now a water-resilient city and a world leader in water usage best practice, but that wasn’t the headline over the previous two years and the negative global messaging definitely put off some of the commercial and stills industries from filming in the Western Cape”.


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