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Brendan "Bugsy" Barnes - Director of Photography

Brendan "Bugsy" Barnes - Director of Photography


First Name


Last Name


What's your role?


Give us an overview of what you do on set?

Tell stories and generally try to have a good time!

I never go on to set without my...

Super lame but practical cricket hat.

... is at the top of my gear wish list. And here is why.

Alexa 65. Because you always love what you can't have ;)

My top-rated movie of the year is...

Avengers Infinity War.

At the moment my main inspiration is...

I am inspired to push the South African feature film industry. I believe the new wave of mainstream Hollywood cinema directors will come from Africa. We have too many incredible stories and for this not to happen.

My ultimate life hack would have to be...

Drink more water and exercise.

My favorite thing about South Africa is...

It's never dull. South Africa is exciting.


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